The Gal Behind The Camera

Meet Kirsty

I'm a Wife, Boy-Mom, Believer, Dream-Seeker, Foodie, Essential-Oil-Using Memory-Catcher (or as you may call it-a photographer), blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. I think a genuine smile can change someone’s day, believe in small acts of kindness, and fairy tales. Life is meant to be lived with purpose & I do my best to live each day with that in mind!

I believe that photos are your own personal story, and are meant to be treasured heirlooms. My goal is to capture & tell your story authentically, while providing you with archival Fine Art Prints to enjoy for generations to come.

When I'm not behind the camera I'm usually:
-Chasing around my toddler & crawler
-Cuddling my kiddos & hubby
-Talking about & sharing Essential Oils
-Saving stray animals
-Eating way too much dark chocolate
-Binge watching a new show with my super cool hubby
-Sipping on some liquid caffeine, or wine 
-Singing my heart out in the car
-Watching all things Disney & Food Network
-Cooking or Baking my little heart out
-Daydreaming about the beach or Europe
-Snuggling up with a book or journal
-Refinishing Furniture
-Exploring the Outdoors

Or, let's face it... catching up on dreaded laundry... because even this OCD gal has a crutch!